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Find Someone Netherlands How can I find someone in the Netherlands?

More than one half of all Internet users in the Netherlands have Facebook accounts (fifty-six percent of the total population of the country) so that website is a good place to locate someone in the Netherlands.

The list of search results will include middle initials and close matches (alternative spellings, similar names, etc.). Pictures of account holders will be included (if made available), helping to identify the search target.

The number of possible matches can be narrowed by including qualifying information in the search-finder parameter (key-word phrase), like adding a town if known where the person being sought lived or lives, a school he or she might have attended and so on.

Can I find someone using a photo?

Yes! Visit, enter the person's name to lookup and press Enter. Given that a listing or a photo of the person doesn't appear, click on 'Images' at the top of the search-results page. The next page will have the name entered in the search box with an icon representing a 'camera' to the right. Click on that icon.

A pop-up screen will appear offering to actions:

  1. 'Paste image URL' - So if the picture is located somewhere on the Internet, go to that destination and copy the URL address to the clipboard and paste it into the Google search field so named.
  2. 'Upload an image' - If the picture is on the hard drive or a drive connected to the computer, click on this option, select 'Choose File' and navigate to the location of the image. Click on the image to select it.
  3. The service is completely free.

As facial recognition continues to improve, and as the number of images indexed by Google increases, the chances of finding a match or near match improves, but in many trials, no matches are located and the 'near matches' are random.

Find Dutch People Globally Find Dutch People Globally

The Netherlands is a relatively small country in size ranking one hundred thirty first in land mass but Niederländisch ranks sixteenth in population density. Of the seventeen million plus inhabitants, 15.9 million use the Internet globally, attesting to its high level of educational and cultural development.

Centuries ago the Dutch were barbaric conquerors, massacring people (in some countries) to 'colonize' Angola, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Curaçao, Ghana, Guyana, Ivory Coast, Namibia, New Zealand, Saint Maarten, Senegal, South Africa, Suriname, The European Union, The Union of South American Nations.

Dutch is also spoken in, North America, Belgium and NH so pinning down a Dutchman somewhere in the world can require searching the far corners of the earth.

Races of People What race are people from the Netherlands?

The Dutch mainland is a mix of races:

Most of the cultures of middle-east decent are in the largest cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. The cities proper do not exceed populations in excess of one million so peoplesearch is somewhat limited by population. Including the 'suburbs' (Randstads) however drives the total populations into the millions.

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