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South Korea People Search

Totally free people search in South Korea for phone numbers, addresses and names with completely free reverse email and address lookups.

Find Someone South Korea How to Find Someone in South Korea

Free search services have improved considerably in recent years and have expanded the amount of searchable data for someone nearly exponentially so they are good ways to find someone in South Korea (and Koreans throughout the world).

By far the largest store of people in Korea belongs to Google so when looking for a Korean in South Korea, go to or worldwide search at

Korean White Pages South Korea People Finders

Facebook is a popular people finder in South Korea. Conspiracy theorists assert that FB was created by government agencies for the purpose of 'tricking' users into offering their personal information for the purpose of building a gigantic information database at way less cost to the agencies than paying for it. It would otherwise have required contacting 'billions' of people and spending the time gathering and compiling such a huge amount of data. As of the moment recorded data falls short of retinal and fingerprint scans and facial recognition but give it time. For now 'big brother' knows a lot about people without having lifted a finger: schools attended, employers, friends and acquaintances, personal history, books read, movies watched, all but blood type and social security number.

Koreans travel the world and leave a trail of digital footprints. Lookup globally in destinations like Ireland, Australia and Puerto Rico for people from Korea.

Reverse Searches in South Korea Reverse Searches in South Korea

Those same people sources and similar other outlets (Twitter, Linkedin, Bing) also make it possible to enter any address from anywhere in the world, any phone number - even tracking numbers for shipments and 'reverse search' to locate people to whom the email or physical address, phone number or such other belongs. The basic Internet user has no idea as to the amount of genius and computing power required to collect, organize and present such huge volumes of information, nor is it necessary. Like a car, all we need to know is how to start it, put it in car and make it go. Search your own name, phone, number address, email. You might find that you are 'on the Internet' in places not even known to you and there may be information that you don't want 'out there', especially if it's incorrect or not true.

South Korea actually has a fair number of Russians living in and/or visiting so searching Russian names in regional databases might find the person in question.

Korean White Pages is a fake site. It is not a 'white pages directory' of peoples' phone numbers in South Korea. The website owner fraudulently instructs people to "Use the Searchbox above where and provide you with People Search results targeted on South Korea." The 'search box above' is provided by 'BeenVerified' so using the search function as instructed only leads to BV where minimal information (if any) is provided with links leading to paying for additional information (with no guarantee that the data will be relevant to the person sought). Google by the way has nothing to do with the search service, as suggested.

The entire home page of that website is complete garbage with banner ads plastered in every conceivable corner and no useful content. ('Word stuffing' is an older search-engine term for adding unnecessary words to page content to bloat the word count and pump the 'key-word density'. Today the 'stuffing' is just junk content like the circular references to other sites which circle back to the same site with 'white pages' links.)

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