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Thailand People Search

People search in Thailand is completely free for finding people who are in or from Thailand. No credit card required.

Find Someone in Thailand Find Someone in Thailand

To find someone in Thailand: About ninety-nine percent of people in Thailand use Google as their search provider. The Thai people use Yahoo about one percent of the time and rarely use other search platforms.

This search engine claims to have over three trillion webpages indexed meaning it has accessed that many pages, stored the content of those pages and made it available for people search. There are no statistics readily available on how many of those documents reside in Thailand or are about Thailand but more than likely a good bit of data related to Thailand is searchable.

Large search engines don't spend much time on any one website so when a site has thousands of pages and/or has pages several levels 'deep' (removed from the home page by links), the content of those pages may never be found or available for search.

Webmasters can also block search spiders from accessing a site or specific parts of a site so records about people stored in government, legal and law enforcement agencies may not be searchable.

Locate People in Thailand How to Locate People in Thailand

Go to to locate people in Thailand. Click where it says 'Search Google or type a URL' and type or copy/paste part or all of a name (or a URL) into the search field and press Enter. ('Url' stands for uniform resource locator and is the address of a website or webpage, like

Names in Thailand can be unique or common. If too few (or no) matches of the name are returned in the search results, try searching only by the last name. If there are too many listings of possible matches, search the same name again and place quotation marks before and after the name and search again. Still too many? Search the name and add some additional 'filters' like a location or region, some affiliation like a group or employer.

There can be several variations of names in Thailand so also search for possible variations in spelling.

Thailand Image Search Thailand Image Search

A new search technology makes it possible to search the worldwide web for matching images of a photograph or a picture of 'anything'. As artificial intelligence continues to expand and improve, search capabilities and features will increase in number and proficiency, making this a common way to search for people in Thailand.

Using the same search engine, when viewing the search page, there is no apparent way to search using an image. For now, type something or anything in the search box and on the results page at the top, select Images. The search function will change instructing to either upload a picture from the computer or enter a Internet address where an image resides.

Doing so will return a page of exact, possible or near matches of the object in the image, whether it be peoples' faces, a building or any object.

People Finder in Thailand People Finder in Thailand

People Finder: Roughly forty-eight million people in Thailand have Facebook pages making it a huge store of personal information that Thais have volunteered about themselves for the purpose of 'sharing' and getting found.

FB provides a search function (in the upper left corner of most of its pages). Enter the names of people, places and organizations to lookup matching records. Search the name of a school, church or employer to see if organizations have a presence.

Worldwide it's estimated that fully one-half of such pages are 'fake' and used in 'catfishing' which is using false identity to engage in interactions with others for amusement and other activities which can be more nefarious.

If you find yourself in Thailand and are looking to reconnect with your family or trace your roots, there are several steps you can take that may assist you in your search, especially if you have access to your birth certificate. This important document typically includes vital information such as your father's name, his 13-digit ID number, and the name of the hospital where you were born.

Utilizing Your Birth Certificate

The hospital's name listed on your birth certificate can point you towards a potential area where your relatives might be located. There's also a possibility that the hospital retains contact information for your father, which could prove invaluable in your search.

Formal Channels for Assistance

To further your search, consider the formal avenues available, which might necessitate your presence in Thailand. One approach involves filing a report with the police. Moreover, mobile service providers hold a wealth of up-to-date personal information, but accessing this data typically requires you to be an immediate family member or to have police authorization.

The Significance of Hospital and ID Numbers

Revisiting the hospital where you were born, especially if it is in Bangkok, is advised as it could be a critical resource in your search. Additionally, being born in Bangkok likely means you were assigned a Thai citizen ID number, which could be a significant aid in your endeavors within the city.

Legal Considerations

It's crucial to understand that seeking assistance from third parties without resorting to unofficial means such as bribes or personal connections is the recommended and most straightforward path. The most effective way to proceed with your search is by being in Thailand and following the process through the appropriate legal and official channels.


Thais visit other vacation spots like Ireland, Australia and Puerto Rico.

As Internet service and technology expand in Thailand, more Thais will be placing information about themselves on websites that will be discovered by world and local search engines and made available to the public globally through their search facilities. For the most part people don't seem to be deterred by privacy concerns as they rush to put information about themselves 'out there' for all to see.

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