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Find Someone in UK How Can I Find Someone in the UK?

Easy: The 'secret' to finding someone in the UK is the service that search engines have mastered and patented for making it possible to enter any UK search phrase (name, address, email, photo, tracking or phone number, etc) to view relevant data on a computer monitor or cell-phone screen.

A search app like Google has achieved amazing feats, collecting UK data from three trillion (yes, correct number) websites from around the world and organizing it in an efficient way to make the information readily accessible. We take it for granted today but if 1984 included a projection that this would be possible, people would have more readily believed that a new world order would take over the UK.

The 'secret' isn't the search engines but the way the functions of the UK search services can be used to extract the people sought from a world population of seven billion. If we are looking for one person in or from the UK and only that person, compare the effort and expense that would have been required pre-Internet to track him or her down to sitting in front of a computer or holding a cell phone, pushing on some keys or icons and have that person's life history appear on screen.

Lookup People in UK Lookup People in UK on Social Sites

UK people have volunteered their personal lives to e-data on social sites. We did it - took the bait - gave up information about our personal lives to Internet monsters that invited us to share everything from height and weight to blood type, from sexual preferences to political persuasions. Now it's all out there, etched forever in Internet stone for all to see, including the MI6, the CIA, the FBI. Should we not have been warned that our information would be shared BEFORE being given the opportunity to tell all?

Beside the point, which is that everything we wanted others to know, even privately, and things we didn't want disclosed (arrests, DUIs, criminal convictions, voting preferences) is now UK public information. People who have gone before you have attempted to undo the damage and may think that deleting a Facebook profile removes the information from public view... It may, but Facebook hasn't taken a hammer to it or bleach-bitted it.

To this date we've advanced far enough to now search for people using images of them. The shear invasion of privacy is astounding. Now with the proper authorization peoples' medical history, military service, criminal records, past residences, friends, family and acquaintances can all be gathered together to form a cloud of information that would have dazzled Sherlock Holmes.

UK People Finders UK People Finders

Here's a secret to UK people finders: Do you know someone's UK username - an alias that he or she used for a post on a social site or forum, in eBay or Amazon? Use that name as a search parameter to see if that person appears in other UK venues.

Have a UK or Canadian email address? Search it and see if it comes up elsewhere. Leave the email provider's portion of the email off (like and only search what comes before the @ sign. Find something?

Do you know someone who knows someone in the UK? Search for the third party to see if by association information about your target appears in England or the USA. Some search services today display ex spouses and employers so searching the spouses' or employers' names could help locate people.

Property records are a source of data that is often overlooked. At a deeds search includes title register, plan and summary of land and property transactions in England and Wales from nineteen ninety three.


While technology makes a ton of information readily accessible, it's still necessary to know where to look and how to look. Finding people in the UK is so much easier than it was pre-WWW so use the search engines to help find resources for 'People Search UK'.

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