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Remove My Information Remove My Information from Fast People Search

Making it easy to remove information from the Fast People Search website would entice more people to do so and that would result in fewer pages on which to splash advertisements for paid search services, so available instructions to 'remove me from Fast People Search' don't work and getting removed isn't easy.

One set of instructions online for how to remove yourself from fast people search is:

  1. Go to their removal site, Click the Agreement box and perform the CAPTCHA.
  2. Type in your name to the search box.
  3. Find your listing and click “view free details”.
  4. Click “remove my record”.
  5. Your listing should be removed within 24 hours.

The instructions at that destination don't match fastpeoplesearch opt out:

  1. To remove your record:
  2. Agree to the terms, and prove you are not a robot by checking the boxes below.
  3. Click the button to "Begin Removal Process". You will then be prompted to search for your record.
  4. Once you locate your record, click the 'Remove My Record' button under your name.
  5. That's it! Your record is now removed from the FastPeopleSearch database and will not show up on the site.

As expected, scouring every letter on the page does not present a 'Remove My Record' button.

Fast People Search Fast People Search - Questionable Reputation

Searching Google for 'fast people search removal reputation' presents this listing:

Remove From Fast People Search

Reading Google's explanation as to why there is no such page:

"The page owner isn't allowing Google to read the page, so we couldn't create a good page description. Unfortunately there's nothing that Google can do about this."

So far, no way to get removed from this trash website. Going for the click bait 'View Free Details' leads to a gimmick page loaded with red warning signs, promises of revealed secrets, "full background report", 'Court Records updated daily!' Still no way to remove yourself from this lookup entrapment.

Checking WhoIS for domain registration, information about the people-finder site owner is hidden.

Looking up a BBB page for the site reveals 644 complaints in the past 3 years with 252 coming within the past 12 months. BBB is quick to note that bad reviews like this one don't enter into the 'calculation of the B+ rating' (where A+ is the highest rating):

I have requested over and over to have my information removed from this site to no avail. The request portion to have your information removed is a scam. I have done everything in the proper way, please remove my information! Kathy R, UK
, 8/5/2020

Of the current 16 reviews, 3 are '5 star' (wonder who submitted those?) and the rest are '1 star'.

So, no shock that there is no fast way to get removed and apparently no way at all. Not surprising that the site owner is in hiding and the 'contact us' on the site leads to nowhere. There is a link to 'support' leading to an email form. Not going to bother. This address is online: 1915 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95814 so one approach would be to write a (certified) letter to that address, include the URL of the page where the information to be removed resides and request removal.

Alternatively send an email to webmaster or admin @ If course emails can be ignored so flag the email as 'request a delivery receipt' and 'request a read receipt'. Neither will assure a response much less action.

Remove from People Search Now Remove My Information from People Search Now

It comes as no surprise that has the same physical address in Sacramento. The People Search Now website is very similar to the one above - because they are scams created and operated by the same person.

These instructions are offered for peoplesearchnow opt out (not available in Luxembourg):

  1. Click the 'Opt out my info' button.
  2. Find the record you want to remove by performing a search, then
  3. Click on the "View All Info" button.
  4. Click on the "Remove Record" button located at the top of the page near the subject's name.
  5. You MUST be on the "details" page in order to remove the record.

Expect the same degree of difficulty in getting a response, much less your information removed from peoplesearchnow.

Scroll up for suggestions on how to bring pressure to bear to get removed.

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