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People Search N. Jersey

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NJ is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. New Jersey, named after the island of Jersey in the English Channel, is divided into three geographic regions: South Jersey, Central Jersey, and North Jersey. Some do not consider existence Central Jersey, but most people believe it is a separate region and cultural area between North and South.

In America, Camden and Newark are two of the poorest cities but NJ as a state has the highest median household income. This is because so much of NJ is suburbs, most of them affluent, of Philadelphia and New York City. NJ is also the only state that has had every one of its counties considered "urban" as defined by the Census Bureau's Combined Statistical Area.

People of NJ are also called "New Jerseyans" or "New Jerseyites." NJ is religiously and ethnically diverse state in US, populated by Jewish (Largest by % population); Muslim (2nd largest by % population); Italian-American (4th highest by population); and Black, Hispanic Arab, and Asian.

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